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Living with wildlife in North Queensland can be challenging at times. The experts at Hands on Wildlife are here to help.


If you or someone else has been bitten by a snake apply correct first aid and call 000 immediately.

Snakes are a part of life in Australia.  Townsville has over 30 different species of snake, over half of those snakes are venomous.  If you have a snake in or around your house, school or workplace it is vital to leave it alone and call in an expert.  The majority of people who are bitten by snakes are trying to catch or kill the snake.

If you have been bitten by a snake:

Snake Bite First Aid

It is important to know how to correctly apply first aid for snake bite and have your first aid kit easily accessible.

We recommend you have a Rescue Swag handy, so that you have your snake bite bandages easily accessible no matter where you go.

If you see a snake:

If you have a photo of a snake:


While we can all agree that possums are extremely cute, they can cause a lot of problems when they become trapped in houses or buildings.

What can you do if you have a possum in your house or building?

Please note that we are able to provide advice on repairs that need to be made to exclude possums in the future, but we are not able to make the repairs.


What do you do if you find a sick or injured flying fox or micro bat?

Living with Flying Foxes:

Find out more about living with flying foxes on the Queensland Government website.

Living with Micro Bats:

Find out more about living with microbats (little bats) on the Bat Conseration & Rescue Queensland website.

Swooping Birds (Magpies, Plovers)

Magpies and plovers (masked lapwings) are some of the most dedicated and protective parents in the animal world, and that is why some of them swoop. The swooping season is very short and there are many precautions you can take if you have a swooping bird nearby.

What can you do if you have magpies or plovers?

Living with swooping magpies:

Download the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science’s information flyers on living with swooping magpies for more information.

Living with plovers:

Visit the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science’s information page on living with masked lapwing or plover for more information.

Scrub Turkeys (Brush Turkeys, Bush Turkeys)

What can you do if you have a scrub turkey in your garden?

Scrub Turkeys can become problematic when they begin nesting behaviours in gardens. There are steps you can take to deter scrub turkeys.

Scrub Turkeys are a protected species and the department of environment and heritage protection must approve their removal and relocation.


North Queensland is Croc Country!

It is easy to stay safe in Croc Country and still do all the great outdoor activities the region has to offer.

For more information on ways to stay croc wise visit the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science’s information page on crocodiles.