Meet Our Rangers

Our mission at Hands on Wildlife is to inspire wildlife conservation by bringing people and animals closer than ever before.

Our experienced team of rangers maintain current Queensland Working with Children Cards (Blue Cards) and are up to date with all COVID-19 vaccinations.

Ranger Dan Bamblett

Owner/Fauna Spotter Catcher

Born and raised in Townsville, Ranger Dan grew up surrounded by North Queensland wildlife. He has been working with animals both in Australia and in America for over 20 years.

He has a true passion for connecting people with animals, especially crocodiles and venomous snakes.

Ranger Jackie Hasling

Owner/Financial Officer

Ranger Jackie grew up knowing she wanted to work with animals. She started her career training sea lions at the Houston Zoo and loves animal training.

She has been working professionally with animals for over 20 years.

Her favourite Australian animals are wombats and echidnas.

Ranger Krystal


Ranger Krystal joined the Hands on Wildlife team as a volunteer over a decade ago, and has now joined the team full time.

She started her career at  aquariums and has spent time working with amazing animals at zoos. She has a passion for venomous snakes and also a strong commitment to wildlife conservation.

She participates in sea turtle conservation projects on the reef several times a year.

Ranger Rachael