Animals for Film and Television

Professional wildlife handling for film and television

We maintain a large collection of native Australian animals which can be used for film and television productions. Our animal collection is well trained and conditioned to working in a variety of environments and settings.

Expert handlers ready the animals and set up scenes to ensure that filming happens quickly and remains on schedule. We maintain all permits and insurances to use animals for film and television in Queensland.

Professional guiding and wildlife/habitat scout

If you need to find specific animals or habitats for your production, Hands on Wildlife are your boots and eyes on the ground.

We have decades of experience surveying animals in regional Queensland and we are able to locate iconic species to the area and also ideal habitats to set the scene.

We also maintain a large network of contacts throughout the state which enable us to gather vital information on where animals might be found in certain areas. Save time and effort, by letting the experienced team at Hands on Wildlife locate animals for your production.

Wildlife management

If your production is in a remote location, we provide professional wildlife surveys and relocations during production, ensuring safety of cast and crew.

We can also conduct dangerous wildlife awareness inductions so that everyone knows how to react safely around animals that may be found on location.

Past Productions / Projects

Dan Bamblett has over 20 years of professional experience working with snakes. A qualified fauna spotter catcher and damage mitigation permit holder, he has experience with both captive snakes in confined spaces and wild snakes in disturbed habitat.