Professional Training

Expert Instruction on Dangerous Wildlife

Knowing how to recognise and react to dangerous wildlife can mean the difference between life and death, especially when working in remote locations. 

Hands on Wildlife offers a variety of wildlife orientation and handling courses that will teach your staff how to remain safe around dangerous animals and help you to meet and exceed Occupational Health and Safety Industry Codes of Practise.

Our courses can be customised to be location and job specific. Live animals are utilised during our courses so that staff can observe the natural behaviours of these animals. Based in Townsville we are perfectly positioned to service Central and Far North Queensland.

Our Courses

Online Australian Snake Awareness

This self-paced online course provides participants with an introduction to Australian snakes and provides information on how to stay safe from snakes while working in Australian conditions.
1 hour duration
  • Introduction to Australia's Snakes
  • Information on how to stay safe from snakes while working in Australian conditions
  • Snake identification
  • Snake bites
  • Group pricing available, please email for a quote

Dangerous Wildlife Awareness Courses

Introduces participants to the danger and threats posed by the local wildlife in remote areas. Teaches staff how to work and live safely around these animals in your specific location.
1-4 hours duration
  • Introduction to some of Australia’s most dangerous animals, including snakes, crocodiles, scorpions, and centipedes
  • Snake identification, behaviour, and safety
  • Crocodile behaviour and safety
  • Other reptile behaviour and safety
  • Insects and other dangerous animal behaviour and safety
  • Proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • First aid techniques

Reptile & Venomous Snake
Handling & Relocation Course

Intensive, one day course to industry based customers and the general public. Safety is our main priority, and we teach safe, zero-contact handling methods, and we supply all handling equipment and safety gear.
1 day intensive
  • Designed for people interested in gaining experience in reptile handling (including venomous snakes) so that they may legally relocate reptiles or qualify to keep venomous snakes in a private collection.
  • Snake identification, behaviour, and safety
  • Venom and envenomation
  • Snake bite first aid techniques
  • Snake handling techniques (hooks, tongs, entanglements)
  • Other reptle handling techniques (lizards, including large monitor lizards)
  • Habitat and release site identification
  • Recognising and managing sick and injured reptiles
  • Can be used as part of a Damage Mitigation Permit application to legally relocate snakes in Queensland

Based in Townsville, Queensland, we are well positioned to easily access remote locations throughout the North Queensland region.
Hands on Wildlife is a fully mobile business and can offer our courses throughout the entire state.

Expert Instruction

Instructed by Dan Bamblett, who has over 20 years of professional experience working with snakes, the course is taught in a relaxed and entertaining manner.

Participants will be able to observe the natural behaviours live animals throughout the course and if they are brave enough they will be able to touch and hold some of the friendly animals as well.

Staff will leave with a better understanding of when, where, why, they may encounter dangerous wildlife in their area; and they will leave equipped with the tools and information required to stay safe if they do encounter snakes on the work site.