Early Learning Centres

Our Education Programs

Our programs have been designed to support the Early Years Learning Framework, Outcome 2. Through hands on, animal interaction programs, children explore the natural world and begin to understand the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals.

Sustainability and conservation are highlighted, and children are made aware of how human activity can impact environments. After connecting with our friendly animals, children will show a greater appreciation and respect for Australia’s wildlife.

Our year fills up quickly so get in touch today to make sure you get the dates that work best for your centre. Covid Safe programs, all rangers are fully vaccinated and we operate under a covid safe plan. 

Hands on Wildlife is based in Townsville and
we provide our mobile school incursions throughout North Queensland.

Wildlife Explorers

Children become true wildlife explorers, each month learning about a different type of Australian animal.
6 visits per year
  • Lizards
    Creepy Crawlies
    Wetland Creatures
  • Each month we will also bring the supplies for a craft or activity based around the featured animals.

Habitat Heroes

Each visit children will discover a different world

4 visits per year
  • Deserts
  • We will learn about what animals need to survive in their habitats, and how we can create healthier habitats for Australia’s wildlife.

Australian Animals

Connect with the wonderful world of Australian animals in an exciting hour long program which will bring your classrooms to life.
1 visit per year
  • Children will get the chance to meet scaly lizards, slithering snakes, fluffy creatures, and even a sharp-toothed crocodile.
  • We introduce children to the wild world around them and they get a chance to get up close to all of the animals.

Our team of experienced Rangers are your wildlife experts, we are blue card certified. Hands on Wildlife maintains full public liability insurance and can provide risk assessments for our programs.

All rangers are fully vaccinated and we operate under a covid safe plan.