Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

Hands on Wildlife offers qualified fauna survey and spotter catcher services for the construction and mining industry.

Based in Townsville, North Queensland, we are perfectly positioned to service regional areas, and have been providing services for the past 8 years.  Fauna spotter/catcher services are a common requirement for most development and construction projects across Queensland, in order to help protect and preserve wildlife during land clearing.

Our extensive knowledge of natural habitats and wildlife handling ensures the animals are removed promptly and safely, minimising down time when wildlife is encountered on your worksite.

Our Qualifications

Hands On Wildlife is:

Past Projects

Key Personnel

Dan Bamblett

Owner/Fauna Spotter Catcher

20 years experience working with and relocating native wildlife.  Permitted Fauna Spotter Catcher for 8 years.

Jackie Hasling

Owner/Financial Officer